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Thank You Los Angeles!

Chers amis,

We were honored and thrilled that you spent the evening with us for our 4th edition of Le Dîner en Blanc – Los Angeles on October 14th at Pasadena City Hall. 2000 guests dined under a beautiful sky, inspired by the scenery and the history of the location. Our evening can be described as nothing short of magical! Le Dîner en Blanc – Los Angeles is truly the “can’t miss” event of the season.

Thank you for all of your passion and creativity. You brought this event to life with beautiful fashion, creative tables, and inspiring and delicious menus. Your happy spirits and stellar dance moves made this an experience we will remember for a long time.

Special thanks to all our Leaders! This amazing group of volunteers helped to ensure that the evening ran smoothly and that everyone got to the secret location without a hitch.

We can't wait for Le Dîner en Blanc - Los Angeles 2018!

À l'année 

Le Dîner en Blanc - Los Angeles Team
Roger, Annette, Dan and Brooke


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Andrea S.
1 year ago
Thank you Roger H.
Roger H.
Always a pleasure!
Andrea S.
1 year ago
Any suggestions on the best way to transport everything. Is a cart or dolly with bungee cords easier?
Andrea S.
I am a first-timer
Roger H.
Hi Andrea,

We find that carry-on rollerboard suitcases are great. You can pack everything in them, they tend to be lightweight, you can carry them up and down stairs easily if you need to and... they roll!!!

A bientôt!
Diamond J.
1 year ago
I'm selling my tickets for The Bloc/Wondeland package for 9/29/18. If you know of anyone needing tickets, feel free to contact me.
Candice M.
1 year ago
Do you have a wait list I tried to register and the pick ups are full already?
Roger H.
Hi Candice,

Do you mean a waiting list for the meeting points that are full? Unfortunately no, we do not, but keep an eye on the Members wall and social media in case a ticket at that meeting point becomes available!
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